Advisors: Notes about Converting to the New 2017.2 Version of RetirementView

ATTN:  If you installed the 2017.1 version, keep reading.

If you did NOT, then skip down to these notes here.

Unfortunately there were some minor conversion issues that are now fixed.

These include:

  • Phone number being put into last name field
  • Investment returns and Cash Infusions returns getting divided by 100
  • Inflation rates on Special expenses divided by 100
  • Double Ampersand shown in place of single Ampersand in print names and descriptions

All of the above items are easily fixed by hand, BUT if you want to re-convert your files, then you can do so using the MANUAL CONVERTER inside the running 2017.2 version.

To re-convert your files:

  • Make sure you have installed the 2017.2 version
  • Click on the File menu
  • Click on the Convert old .rp7 Files menu item near bottom of the File menu
  • Click to convert a folder of files
  • Click the checkbox to "delete all .rp8 files" in that folder.  This will cause the program to RE-CONVERT your .rp7 files using the new converter.   Note: if you have already been editing files in 2017.1 then you may NOT want to do this.  You may want to back up the edited .rp8 files first. 

This will result in converting your old .rp7 files to the new .rp8 format which is required for the new 2017 version and beyond.

If you have any questions, email us at

For Advisors Installing 2017 Version for the FIRST TIME

In order to use the 2017 version, we must convert your old .rp7 files to the new .rp8 format which is required for the new 2017 version and beyond.

When you install the 2017 version, a data converter will run to convert your files inside the default Client Files folder.  If you have stored files in another location, then you will have to use the MANUAL converter isnide the running software. 

It is located on the File menu in the new 2017.2 version.

Important Things to Know about the 2017 Version

  1. Your old .rp7 data files will NOT be deleted.  They will still be on your hard drive.  The data converter creates new files with the converted data.
  2. The converter will run during the install.  The time required to convert the files can vary drastically.  In our office dev machines it only takes about 2 seconds per file.  But we have seen one advisors machine take about 30 seconds per file.
  3. The old 2016 version will be uninstalled (bc it will be too confusing to go back and forth since the files are not compatible)
  4. The new 2017 version uses .rp8 files.  You cannot see .rp7 files from the new software since they are not compatible.
  5. This update is FREE as long as your subscription is active

If you want to see a full list of changes, enhancements and bug fixes then read this article.




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