RetirementView Won't Open - Windows - App is Not Installed Correctly by Admin

If you are trying to open your RetirementView Software in Windows and it continues to spin and never open, it's probably because the program has not been installed properly due to lack of admin rights for the user.

Here's a solution:

We finally got it working, here’s how. I uninstalled the program, gave the user local admin rights, installed and launched, then removed the user from local admin rights. Logged back in as the user and it works.


Here is a copy and paste version to email to someone:

  1. Give the user local admin rights
  2. Install the software from:
  3. Make sure it runs ok
  4. Remove the local admin rights from the user

NOTE: You can't just login as admin, install it, and log out.  You have to give the USER the admin rights, install it, then revoke the admin rights. 


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