Can't Print to PDF on Windows, Print Preview is Blank, and Unable to Connect to Printer

PROBLEM: When printing, Save As PDF does nothing. The file does not seem to be created. SOLUTION: Note that not generating a PDF was just a symptom of the fact that the default printer was not working and is giving windows an 'Unable to Connect' error

First, whenever you try to print on the new 2017 version and beyond, if the print preview is gray and blank, that means the printing failed.  So this means the Save As PDF doesn't work because the printing failed.  There is nothing to save which is why no pdf ever shows up.

Second, investigating why the printing failed... we tried another printer on his computer the HP Laserjet and voila the printing worked.
This narrowed it down to a problem with the Brother HL-5140 Series which was set to the default on his computer.

It turns out the Brother printer had an 'Unable to Connect' error on it when looking at it under Windows Settings -> Printers and Scanners.  Thus the software could not get any Printer Settings from it.  Since it can't get any settings, the app cannot generate even the initial print.

TO DO ITEM: We need to add some software code that will alert the user to 'Unable to Connect to Printer' so that it just doesn't return a blank nothing.

Note that even though his intention was to print to PDF, you still have to print using some settings BEFORE you go to PDF and the only settings available are from the Windows Default Printer, whatever that is set to.

P.S. This was on a Windows 10 machine but same issue probably would occur on any computer where the default printer is invalid or unable to connect to the default printer
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