2018 RetirementView Software is Ready!


More changes will be coming soon!

To "upgrade" to the new version, download and install the Windows or the Mac version. This will NOT affect your activation or delete any data.

  • NOTE: We will be replacing the grid control in the next release this year and that will bring back the header row being frozen as well as zoom in and out on the spreadsheet.

2018.2 List of Updates

  • ALL: Fixed problem with calculating after payroll tax income when one spouse retired early.  This lead to some weird effects on the calculations (Thanks Nigel Fusella).
  • ALL: Fixed problem where if couple was retired and you change to not retired, the pre-retirement returns were filled with the last values but did not use those values in the calculations until you edited a field to re-trigger the calculations (Thanks Nigel Fusella).
  • MAC: Fixed print problem on page 2 and on other pages where last line or two overprinted onto the footer on some Macs (Thanks Tom Collett).
  • ALL: Added 2018 SALT State and Local Income Tax limit of $10,000 to the Effective Tax Rate mini-calculation (Thanks Karl Hansen).
  • ALL: Fixed problem on Windows where double clicking file to open in the app would cause a crash error.  You can now open files by double clicking them!
  • ALL: Updated EBRI.org factoid popups to 2018 RCS survey data.
  • ALL: Removed Spreadsheet Settings for Show RMD Cols and Show Tax Bucket Cols because they were not being used anymore (Thanks Michael DiGregorio).
  • CONSUMER: Fixed issue where Pro menu was hidden in Consumer versions but clicking the space would show the menu anyway (Thanks Michael DiGregorio).

2018.1 List of Updates

  • ALL: Basic 2018 branding changes.
  • ALL: Updated Help file with new 2018 tax tables and Social Security changes.
  • ALL: Added detailed tax columns to the Spreadsheet including the tax on Qualified Withdrawals and also a Total Taxes column.
  • PRO: Changed Disclaimers to allow as many pages as you want using one long text box.
  • ALL: Updated Social Security COLA to new 20 year average of 2.12%.
  • ALL: Updated Social Security estimate data points including the Bend points, Average Wage Index Series, and Maximum Earnings series.
  • ALL: Updated Social Security maximum tax amount on job income.
  • ALL: Fixed issue on About window where the subscription date was not visible.  
  • ALL: Fixed bug where changing Fed Tax in Retirement was not triggering a recalculation of the plan.
  • ALL: Upgraded all of the pop-up message boxes to a new version that prevents it from showing up behind the screen.
  • ALL: Added new option to select between different printed report styles.
  • ALL: Added a new printed report style that uses multi-ethnic photos (thanks for the suggestion Tim Gallagher).

2018.1b List of Updates

  • PRO: Added Total Taxes column to the Simple Spreadsheet
  • ALL: Added color background to Retirement Goal, Cash Infusions, and Pension on Simple Spreadsheet (somehow it was overlooked before).

2018.1c List of Updates

  • ALL: Fixed issue with setting Social Security Start Age to BEFORE Retirement starts. In which case, the program was not calculating the tax on Social Security correctly. (Thanks Rocco Marciano).

2018.1d Updates

  • ALL: Fixed issue with background image on Name and Birthdate screen not showing up

2018.1e Updates

  • ALL: Changed main window to be Resizable. - PRO: Fixed problem causing Disclaimers page not to print on Windows version.

2018.1f Updates

  • ALL: Fixed problem where main window was not resizing in Windows, only on the Mac.

2018.1g Updates

  • ALL: Fixed problem with printing Disclaimers page printing twice or not printing the last paragraph.
  • ALL: Fixed problem with Investments screen where if you didn't enter anything it would put Zeros onto main screen versus leaving it alone if you hit cancel.

2018.1h Updates

  • PRO:  On Mac, fixed issue with advisor info overlapping outline on cover page for the Classic printed report style.
  • ALL: Fixed issue on Special Expenses where entering % or $ symbols in Description column made the text uneditable (thanks Barbara Tyson and Bob Gilliam).
  • ALL: Fixed issue on Cash Infusions where entering % or $ symbols in Description column made the text uneditable (thanks Barbara Tyson and Bob Gilliam).
  • ALL: Fixed issue on Investments where entering % or $ symbols in Description column made the text uneditable (thanks Barbara Tyson and Bob Gilliam).

NOTE: Due to a change in the grid control, you have to DOUBLE CLICK description, value etc. on the Investments, Cash Infusions, and Special Expenses screens. Single clicking does not work. We will be changing this back to single click in the near future.


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