Which product for retirement planning and selling annuities?

I am a financial adviser. I sell annuities, and start from a retirement planning viewpoint. I need to plug in facts from a fact finder and support conclusions for annuity purchase, some with guaranteed life time income riders.
Which of your products applies best??

Ron T.

The "Retirement Savings Planner" is the one that is more of a fact finder to show someone "will you run out of money?" as well as "How will annuity income affect my picture?" . It can show basic impacts of tax implications... move money from one bucket like taxable to tax deferred. You can enter lifetime annuity income, SPIAs, SPDAs, etc. on the Cash Infusions screen and show the client VISUALLY how the annuities will provide "income" on their retirement picture... thus it takes something complicated and makes it visual so client can understand.

Inside the RSP on the File menu there is a "Print Fact Finder" option... lets you print a real printed fact finder that dovetails with the Retirement Planner software.

Now to your "support conclusions for an annuity purchase", if you deal with Fixed or Indexed Annuities we have several tools under the MCP brand name. www.mcppremium.com

You can do hypotheticals and backtest FIAs vs. CDs/Money Markets, FIAs vs Indexes. There's also a rating service for FIAs.. the only FIA ratings available. 

If you have other questions reply and let us know.

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    The Retirement Savings Planner works for me.  With Income for Life FIA, I show the "income for life" rate, say 5%; I enter that figure on the "Cash Infusion" sheet; and if I assume a rate of growth to be 1%, I enter the current cash value on the "Investments" sheet with a growth rate in the future of a net "Negative" 4%, (that would be showing how the value of the fund would deplete and at the same time I can continue the "income for life" beyond the eventual zero balance of the cash value.  Appears to make since to me.  I appreciate any critiques or other ideas as well.

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