My Computer Crashed, can I download again without paying?

: Hello, I recently had my PC fried while I was traveling. I have a replacement PC now. Is it possible to get the software downloaded to my new PC without paying a second time? I just bought the “couples” software about 3 months ago.


Absolutely! I will include the directions for this process below. Secondly, you will need to request a new activation key; the directions for that will be below as well.

To Install on Your Computer:

1) Go to the website and download the appropriate version for you.
2) After downloading, run the program and click the button to “Activate After Purchase”.
3) That will take you to a screen that will allow you to Request a key. Fill out the request and that will be routed to our Tech Center where someone will fill the key. During normal business hours, a key will be filled in 4 – 6 hours. During weekends and Holidays, keys will be filled within 24 hours.
4) Once you receive your key code, run the software and click the “Activate After Purchase” button to be taken to the screen to enter your key code. The key should be entered in the third section below the listed software ID.

If your software is expired…(While your software is not expired, these directions will be applicable for your situation as well.)

1) If your software is expired, you will be prompted to “Activate after Purchase”, “Try Demo” or “Buy Now”. Typically, when requesting a key, you will have already purchased and will need to “Activate After Purchase”.
2) This function will take you to a green, 3-step screen in which you will then complete step 2. Step 2 takes you to a page that will need to be filled out and submitted as a key request.
3) That request will then be sent into our Tech Center and be filled in the order it was received and e-mailed back to you.
4) You can copy or cut and paste the long hyphenated number into the 3-step screen under Step 3.
5) Once you get the gray dialogue box that says, “Your registration is valid. All fields will be unlocked. Happy Planning!” you know that your registration has been approved and the full use program will be available.

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