I love the product...I love the visual graph

Received March 22, 2010

Yes, feel free to use my words. Here are some more:

I love the product, by the way.  I searched quite a while for some user friendly software that would do what
your product does. Nothing was affordable. Most of it did too much or two
little. Your product is not terribly expensive, and I love the visual
graph. You can instantly see the effects of any change in your planning. I
was trying to do this on my own in a spreadsheet. I was not successful, and
seeing a bunch of numbers on a spreadsheet just doesn't have the same
effect. I can't remember where I heard of your product, but I loved it from
the beginning, and being able to play in the demo was the selling point.
Thanks so much for your prompt responses regarding support, also.

Hoping to retire someday,
Nancy L.
Dripping Springs, TX

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