Sub App.Event_Open()

Error Code:

Sub App.Event_Open()

Sub Application._CallFunctionWithExceptionHandling()

Sub REALbasic._RunFrameworkInitialization()



  1. This error occurs on WINDOWS 10 computers.
    For some reason the installer is being blocked.

    - download install file to the desktop or some other place that you can find it.
    - for pro version the file is called 401k2018pro.exe (401k{year}couples.exe) or (401k{year}personal.exe
    - RIGHT CLICK the file on the desktop and then click "Run As Administrator"
    - After we installed using that approach, the customer was able to enter his name and birthdate and get going without the error
    1. You may not have administrative rights to install software due to administrative restrictions. [PRO customers} You will need your IT to give administrative rights to the named account containing RetirementView. 
    2. If it's a personal computer with multiple accounts, be sure the account using the software has administrative rights
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