Any advantage to when to run plan?


I'm trying to understand how *when* I run my profile impacts the outlook.

Considering my birthday is in June and my spouse's is in February, would
it make any difference to run the profile after my birthday in June of
each year as opposed to January?  If so, running it in which month would
give me the most realistic outlook?


To answer your question about the run date of the profile. Our system does not calculate based off of the calendar year. It calculates in a manner of "today" or "one year from today".  It would provide a more conservative outlook if you ran it after your birthday, because it would count you as being a whole year older. The birthday mainly is involved in deciding when to calculate RMDs in the year you turn 70.5.

Savings and interest accumulates for one year from today.

If you run it right before you retire it may credit more savings than you intend.  You could disable the savings on main screen and use cash infusions to enter just a month or two of savings to be more accurate.

We have considered letting people enter a retirement date and adjusting the calcs based on that... but that has a huge impact on the calculations.  We may indeed do that at some point though.

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