RMD - Roth Rollover


How do you know what the RMD will and how it is taken out.
How do you know if it's better to do a Roth rollover all at once or whether to convert slowly?


In RetirementView you can see the RMD calculations on the spreadsheet on the orange columns.

As for doing a Roth rollover, it takes 2 steps.

Step 1: Click Special Expenses and enter the rollover information to remove it from Tax Deferred Only.
If you want to do it all at once, then remove the entire amount in one year using Duration of 1.
If you want to do it over 4 years, then enter 25% of the total and set Duration to 4.
In either case set last column to "Tax Deferred Only".  Click Add to Plan to close that screen.

Step 2: Click Cash Infusions button.  Now enter the same cash flow is Step 1 but to put it back
into the Tax Free bucket.  So if you did a one time expense then do a one time cash infusion
again setting Duration to 1.  Now here you set the "Tax Rate to Apply" to deduct taxes from 
the converted amount.  Set the last column to "Tax Free.  Click Add to Plan to close that screen.

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