2019 RetirementView Software is Ready!


More changes will be coming soon!

To "upgrade" to the new version, download and install the Windows or the Mac version. This will NOT affect your activation or delete any data.

  • NOTE: We have finally replaced the grid control so that HEADERS stay frozen when scrolling down!   And SINGLE CLICK now puts grid cell into edit mode again!

2019.2b List of Updates

  • ALL: Fixed issue with some Cash Infusions being injected twice into the calculations (Thanks Tom Bollum).
  • ALL: Fixed issue with Spouse Tax Deferred Investments not using Spouse returns properly (Thanks Jeremy Aber). 
  • ALL: Added code to prevent effective tax-rate over 100%.
  • ALL: Set textSizes for bevel buttons to avoid issues on Windows 10 due to unpredictable system sizes at different screen resolutions (Thanks Vickie Pettee).
  • ALL: Added code to allow shift-tab to move to previous field.
  • ALL: Added code to render Windows 7 Spreadsheets with ClearType smoothing and anti-aliasing on Windows 8 and 10 which results in clearer resolution of fonts on all the supported Windows versions.

2019.2 List of Updates

  • ALL: Added ability to create custom Views of Spreadsheet to focus on specific columns. Go under Settings menu to create new Views.
  • ALL: Fixed issue with Social Security tax calculations not triggering or changing due to an issue with global settings.
  • ALL: Fixed issue with dropdowns on Investments, Cash Infusions and Special Expenses not responding to click on Windows 10 (Thanks Michael Pultro).
  • ALL: Fixed issue with secondary screens where if no Special Expenses or Cash Infusions were in an opened file it would not clear out old data from prior file.
  • ALL: Changed secondary screens so you can use Tab key to traverse all the columns (Thanks Michael Pultro).
  • ALL: Fixed issue with Spouse Tax Free Investments not using Spouse returns properly (Thanks Rebecca Bayless).

2019.1 List of Updates

  • ALL: Single click puts Investments, Cash Infusions, and Special Expenses into Edit mode.  No longer have to double click.
  • ALL: Updated branding to 2019 version.
  • ALL: Updated Social Security and Medicare tax rates.
  • ALL: Tabs draw parts to exact sizes to avoid odd scaling effect in Windows.
  • ALL: Converted old .bmp files to .png files for better rendering on all platforms.
  • ALL: Updated to latest Data View.
  • ALL: Updated Client Save As... to save changes but leave original file alone.
  • ALL: Added code to track when changes occur to only ask to Save after changes made.
  • PRO: Now allows preview of custom plash to come to the front of the customize window.
  • ALL: Fixed a hang if the user declines to enter their personal info on Mac.
  • ALL: Changed textField behaviors to select the entire value on focus, but allow a second click to set the cursor position for direct editing of the values.
  • ALL: Maximize button now enabled again on Main window.

2019.1b List of Updates

  • ALL: Updated Social Security COLA to 20 year average of 2.2% on the Settings screen.

2019.1c List of Updates

  • ALL: Fixed a problem with Tax Free Cash Infusions not calculating properly on app load or File Open (Thanks Guy Cayton).

2019.1d List of Updates

  • ALL: Fixed issue with program crashing after you entered a valid Activation Key (Thanks Jim Smathers).

2019.1e List of Updates

  • ALL: Fixed issue with Spouse RMD Age by End of Year not displaying correctly.
  • ALL: Fixed issue with extra records in the Pension and Social Security tables that caused issues with saving Spouse data.

2019.1f List of Updates

  • ALL: Added popup to let user choose which records to save if extra records are found in the Pension and Social Security tables.

2019.1g List of Updates

  • ALL: Fixed screen resizing problem that affected Windows 10 Tablet mode (Thanks Vickie Pettee).

2019.1h List of Updates

  • ALL: Fix for retirement and pension columns not showing up on simple spreadsheet.
  • MAC: Only check for cust.ini on Mac if Pro version (Thanks Marty McCloskey).

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