Are you up-to-date?

Wondering if you're running the most recent version of RetirementView?

Here's a 3 simple steps to determine if you software is up-to-date from inside your software.

‼️  -  Version numbers and dates may have changed since these pictures - this is a HOW-TO only.

  • Here's a picture of how to find your version number on Mac. To find your version on a Windows computer, go to the HELP dropdown at the top of your window and you'll see the same link.


  • Now, here's how you find the most recent version on both Windows and Mac:


  • Clicking that link will take you to this page. Check to see if you're running the latest version as shown below. If you need to update your software, CAREFULLY select the correct version of the software. Download AND INSTALL the latest version. If you didn't click through the installation wizard, then you didn't complete the update. You will receive a notice of success.



Wondering what's new? That's all easy to find as well.



That will take you here 


We're here to assist should you encounter any problems. You can reach us at or by calling 888.333.5095.


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