When user is not the administrator of the computer

If you get an error when you run the software, then it must not have been installed with admin privileges.  Please look at the 2 options below:

OPTION 1: If already installed, see if you can run it as administrator.

To do this, follow these instructions:

1. Go to your Desktop

2. Find the RetirementView icon  Desktop_Icon_-_RetirementView.png

3. Right click the icon with your mouse and select "Run as Administrator"

4. It will ask you for the Admin password.  Enter it if you have it and see if the program runs without error.

5. If it does run fine, then exit the software. Right click the icon again, and select Properties, then go under Advanced and check the box to "Run as administrator".  The software will then always run as administrator and you won't have the Plan.ini error.


OPTION 2: Install the software again but with proper Admin privileges for the User account

1. Download most recent version of the software.

2. Try restarting your computer. In a small number of cases, that will kick the error out.

3. Your computer doesn't have administrative rights - OR you're logging in on a profile without administrative rights.

You need to download and install as administrator (either by your IT person or to your other profile).

  • You will need your IT person to give administrative rights to the named account containing RetirementView. You must give admin rights to the user account FIRST, then download and install inside the User account, then you can take away admin rights.  IT DOES NOT WORK TO INSTALL AS ADMIN (and not as the user).
  • If it's a personal computer with multiple accounts, be sure the account using the software has administrative rights

Then make sure that Documents>Torrid Technologies>Retirement Savings Planner has read/write permissions.

Still not working?

Then it is possible your Anti-virus or Windows Defender is blocking the app.  Try turning off your Anti-virus temporarily to see if it has any effect.

If it still doesn't work then contact our support team.


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