Windows 11 Upgrade causing problems with RetirementView (January 2022)

Are you suddenly having trouble with RetirementView after upgrading to Windows 11?

Here are the steps that one customer found successful in resolving the problem.


I upgraded from Windows 10 to Windows 11

  1. I did this when I upgraded to a new computer.
  2. Tim, a lot of your specific information Regarding Windows does not work on the Windows 11, Google info is not up to 11 either … show all file endings was not as google listed ie no “view”

  3. What I finally did to succeed was to network to my old machine operating on Windows 10.  I followed your designated path :
    If you go here:
      Documents\Torrid Technologies\Retirement Savings Planner\
    Do you see a file called just:  defaults
    as well as a files called defaults.rp8?

  4. I found a July 2021 defaults.rp8 but no plain defaults.
  5. I copied the July 21 defaults.rp8 and pasted it into the Documents\Torrid Technologies\Retirement Savings Planner\ of my new computer (while Retirement View was NOT open!!!!!)
  6. I then selected my Retirement View Short cut.
  7. I got the appropriate screen
  8. When it opened my data was on the screen.  I only lost a few updates between July 2021 and now.

I am completely satisfied with my progress thanks to Tim’s efforts. Maybe some of my ramblings will help you smooth the waters for your next client upgrading to the wonderful world of Windows 11.

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