My Software is not working or it's in demo mode.


1. Is your subscription current OR expired? 

From the splash screen

  • Open the software and the only option available is "OK" then it's activated.
  • If it's not activated click "Activate After Purchase". You can find what you need there. See step 2

From inside the software

The version number and subscription anniversary are ALSO located in one other place:

  • For the MAC, it's under the word "RetirementView" at the top left of your screen - right next to the apple. Select "About this software"
  • For PC, it's under the help dropdown. Select "About this software".

2. Are you using the version of the software that you purchased?

  • Personal Edition: SID# starts with a 0 (PC) or a 4 (Mac)
  • Couples Edition: SID# starts with a 2 (PC) or a 6 (Mac)
  • Professional Edition: SID# starts with a 1 (PC) or a 5 (Mac)

From the Splash Screen

  • Click Activate After purchase to find the Software ID.
  • Does the SID# match the version you purchased?
  • Does it match the number on your activation key email?



From inside the software:

  • Click on the Purchase dropdown.
  • Select Request Activation Key.



4. Have they added the current Activation key? 


5. Are you the Administrator on their computer?

If you are not the administrator of the computer, there is a special way it has to be installed.

  • For Pro customers or consumers using your work computer, your IT person will have to install the software using this instructions. Use option 2 on this article from our Knowledge Base: 
  • If you're using a home computer - Does the computer have  2 user profiles. If you're using the 2nd profile, the administrator profile will have to install the software on the other user profile using the same directions.

6. If none of these work, please email us at or call us at 888.333.5095.

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