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I have a traditional IRA account build from non-deductible contributions. As such, only the interest earned on the contributions and not the contributions themselves will be taxable when withdrawn. Your “Qualified Tax-Deferred Investments” input box does not request information on how much of the “Current Balance” is from non-deductible contributions (i.e., the basis). So, how do I properly input this investment into your software such that the taxes are correctly calculated when the funds are withdrawn?


This would be "non-qualified" contributions.
As such click on the Non-Qualified tab and enter your non-deductible balance and contributions there as well as your cost basis.   This will calculate it so that only the interest is taxed.

Note that if you use that there is a max withdrawal limit default of 10% which is more for annuities.  For an IRA you probably want to set that to 100% so that the program can pull as much from that account as needed.

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