Exporting to Excel - File does not open in Excel

When I export a file to Excel the file does not automatically open in Excel. Double clicking the file also does not open it in Excel.


The file you attached to the ticket does not have a .XLS ending to it.  Or an ending of .xlsx for the newer versions of excel.
The file you attached has no file ending so windows does not know what do with it... does not know what app to open it with.

In order for it to open automatically in excel the file ending tells Windows what application to associate it with.

I just checked on my own Windows 7 machine and when you export the file it sets the ending to .xls.... UNLESS you delete that manually or UNLESS you do not have xls as a file type in your Windows which would require deleting that file type in the windows registry.

All that being said make sure the exported file as an ending of .xls or .xlsx

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