Mid-year update


I want to update our retirement plan mid-year without it adding another annual return. How do I do that?


This is the confusion about our software around calendar years.

It says 2017 but that’s not a calendar year.  It is not sync’d to Jan 1 thru Dec 31.  When you start the software on your computer, the computer just calculates “what year is it today?”  Answer: 2017.

So then it shows the current year as 2017.The first year calculations are as of TODAY through one year from today.  So the balances should be balances as of TODAY.  Just needs to fire up the program and update balances anytime  he has an update and it is calculating from today into the future.  The 4% annual return will be over the next year.  There is no mid-year or 3rd quarter or any of that.

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