Pro version - Can't Find Client Files

When I try to create a New Client, it is not pointing to the right place.
Also if I try to Open an existing client file, I cannot find the files that I have created.
I looked at her computer.

Problem 1: In 2017 we require them to enter the file name FIRST, then it goes to the client names and birthdates screen.
In the old versions, we had them enter client info names and bdates first, THEN when they hit Save they would enter file name.
So the new switch has confused a few people.  The file dialog opens and they don't know what to do, then they don't enter any file name and then the program is going to have errors bc there is no file name.

Problem 2: on Open Client it was pointing to Quick Access and NOT to the default client files folder
which is located at:
 Documents\Torrid Technologies\Retirement Savings Planner\Client Files

She needed to change the directory that the 'new file dialog' was pointing to.
Once she did that, then on File -> Open Client she could see all of her files there.

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