RetirementView Error - That Folder is Read-Only

PROBLEM:  If you encounter an error that says "The folder is Read Only" that means the RetirementView software cannot WRITE to the hard drive.

THis occurs if:

- for some reason the folders are truly set to READ ONLY

- anti-virus or windows is blocking access to the hard drive


One culprit we have seen in the latter case is from a program called Bitdefender that is blocking our app after it is installed.  We have submitted our EXE files to them to remove the block but so far they have not removed it.

How can you tell if Bitdefender is the problem?

First, right click the RetirementView icon.

If you see a RED B on the pop-up menu, then Bitdefender is installed and is probably the culprit.



Next, you need to open the Bitdefender console so you can unblock the app. 

Look for the RED B like below on the Task Bar and click it to open the settings.



Now once you have the Bitdefender console open, you need to look for Application Access in the lower right.  Click that.




After you go there you should see RetirementView.exe on the blocked list. 

Click to toggle the word Blocked to unblock it.  After you do that, also unblock the data converter file below it "Convert Old .rp7 files".


Once you have done all that.  VOILA you should not get the errors anymore!

If this happens to you with Bitdefender, feel free to call them to complain or fill out this form on their website.

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