2013.3 Version Released

Version 2013.3 is now available.  Some of the new items:

- ALL: The "Touch of Gray" bug is finally fixed.  In a few odd cases you would see a blip of gray principal on the graph in a place where the growth clearly was enough that it should be all green.  In a few cases it would even show a negative value. This bug is finally fixed.  It was a very difficult problem to track down but we finally found it.
- ALL: Changed Cash Infusions page on printed report to show "Extra Infusion Added To" instead of just Tax Type.  If you had a tax free infusion but the check gets put into a Taxable bucket, the col type "Tax Type" makes this confusing.
- ALL: Made adjustments to the Social Security taxation algorithm related to Provisional Income that improves the accuracy.
- ALL: On spreadsheet we added the word "Maximum" to the column name "Percentage of Social Security That's Taxable" because it is a graduated tax.  Some Social Security is usually Tax-Free.  Only part of your Social Security would ever be 85% taxable.
- ALL: Added new "Gross" before tax Cash Infusions columns to the Spreadsheet which are needed for the Social Security tax calculation.
- ALL: Added "Estimated Tax on Social Security" so that you can see the estimated tax using the SSA Provisional Income calculation.

You can download the new Windows version using the App Update engine inside the software, or you can download it from the demo download on our main web site at www.torrid-tech.com

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