2016 RetirementView Mini-release for Windows



OK so I have mentioned this before… that I have been working on a new codebase for our core RetirementView program.  That code has already been used in the MAC version.  But we can also compile it into a Windows version.  We have not yet released that to take over all of the Windows users.

 Now in 2015 I was gungho to get this NEW version released.  But I had a 7 month project with a Fortune 500 company that sucked up all my programming time until about September.  At which time I found out that the print engine on the new version was blurry and not high enough resolution and had to be rewriting. I have spent my spare programming time working on that and it is almost done.

 Soooo…. we did not get a BIG NEW FANCY version out in 2015.  AND we still don’t have it YET in 2016, but it is coming. 



We just uploaded a NEW 2016 version for the  WINDOWS ONLY version.  It is still using the OLD code base but updates the Social Security values and calculations as well as all of the branding and tax rates.  There are no new big functions and features… I would call this a “mini release”.imac-retirementview-screen-sm.jpg



We do not yet have a 2016 MAC release… We are hoping to have that this week.  That will also be a mini-release but with the new printing engine.  Once I get that released, I can work on the two remaining big parts left to be coded… which are the Tools menu and the Social Security estimator.

The ipad version is almost ready.  Still don't have a date for it but we are in the final stretch of getting that released.


LATER IN 2016:

I will have a couple of releases.  One that will MATCH the existing OLD Windows code… which is still not matched function and feature.  Once that is released hopefully in Q1, we will be working on ADDING a couple of new features.  (yet to be announced)

 OK so that’s the state of the union for the RETIREMENT VIEW software. 


asterisk_2.jpgasterisk_2.jpgTO GET THE LATEST 2016 RELEASE:   asterisk_2.jpg

Option 1).  Run your software.  Exit the Software.  And say YES on the APp Update engine.  It should download the new version.

Option 2). Go to this page and download it manually:


 BIG NOTE: If you are on Windows and I have given you the special "RB VERSION", then DO NOT install the above version which is for everyone else.  Keep using the "RB VERSION" you have until we tell you the new one is ready.  If you aren't sure, start up your software and on the opening screen see if it has the letters "RB" next to the version number.  If it does, then do not install the above version.


Thanks and Happy Planning! tim-turner-sm.jpg

-Tim Turner


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