How to register a DLL in Windows 7

Registering MSSTDFMT.DLL in Windows 7:


1.     You MUST be running windows as a user with administrator privileges.   We are assuming you have already copied the file MDDTDFMT.DLL into the Windows System 32 folder.


2.     Click on the “Start” button and in the search field at the bottom click type in “cmd.exe” (omit the quotation marks).


3.     The results of the search will be displayed above and will show “cmd” – this should be the only entry.


4.     Right click on the “cmd” entry in the results area the click on “Run as administrator”.


5.     You will be asked if you want to allow the program to make changes to the computer.  Click on “Yes”


6.     You will now see a window which looks like this:



7.     Note that the directory location must be the system32 directory.  Type in the following:


regsvr32  msstdfmt.dll


Here’s what the cmd.exe window should look like:




Press “Enter” to have windows take action.

8.     You will now see a window which looks like this:


9.     If you did NOT get the message from step 8, the DLL has not been registered.  You need to go back and try again.  Did you run “cmd” as Administrator?    Did you make sure you were in the system32 directory?  Did you spell the name of the DLL correctly?  Did you copy the file to System32 before trying to register it?


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