Input for Income Streams from Notes and Annuities

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Professional Financial Adviser Case:

  • Input two social security numbers for the husband,
  • Wife is selling business and will get monthly payments for 12 years,
  • Wife will have another income for 4 years,
  • We have an annuity we will be taking surrenders for 5 years and then creating an increasing income annually
  • What's the best way to model such within the ReitrementView software?


To input two periods of social security we suggest:

  • Using Cash Infusions for the one with the shortest duration
  • Using the main Social Security information on the main screen

To input Annuity Income we suggest:

  • Using Cash Infusions; entering one line for the 5 years of surrenders
  • Using a different line for the lifetime income
  • Setting an increase factor in the column "growth rate after it starts" will be during the duration period.


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