Issue moving .dat file to new computer

Customer called in unable to locate the correct defaults.dat file to move to the new computer...Couple's Edition.

Files were not located in the Torrid Technologies>RetirementView location. All files were jumbled into folder structure at all.

Windows 8.1



I ended up clicking this small thing in upper right instead of Sort by: Files… I put “Folders”.  And voila the folder structure appeared.  I think went into Torrid Technologies and then Retirement Savings Planner to get the correct file.

We then did ANOTHER gotomeeting on his new computer… he moved the above file over with thumb drive… I put it onto new computer and started up the program… voila… got him fixed.

Anyway this is a very rare and odd situation and I can’t even figure out how his Windows Explorer got configured to jam all files no matter what folder located… into one top folder with no visible folders.  I even searched online and couldn’t find anything about it.


Step 1 in these situations is definitely…start by finding the correct file.  The other way would be to know that the file name is ALWAYS defaults.dat


When you see files named with dates on them those are always from BACKUPS.


You can open the software, change one dollar amount, exit and close… check to see which file was most recently changed… and confirm it should be a file called defaults.dat  and proceed to move that one.


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