App unresponsive when opening file from Flash Drive

ISSUE: App goes unresponsive frequently when opening file from Flash Drive

FIX:  Don't open your files directly from a flash or USB drive.  The app uses database files that have journal and rollback capabilities so will keep trying to access the flash drive which is too slow.

Option 1).  move the file to your hard drive.  Open it and edit it on hard drive.  Copy back to flash drive when done.

Option 2). move your files to a cloud drive like iCloud, OneDrive, Dropbox, etc. and use that as your means to share them between computers.  (i.e. quit using a flash or thumb USB drive for sharing files)

UPDATE: We are changing the software to create a temporary file copy to the hard drive and use that for editing, then save only once to the flash drive.  This will eliminate the problem.  Keep an eye out in your email for a release that adds this.

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