api-ms-win-crt-runtime DLL ...is missing from your computer



Here is the cause of the problem... you are missing a core Windows file that is supposed to be there that REtirementView relies on to run.  It is not something we are supposed to be installing because it is already supposed to be resident on your computer.

Technical Details (skip if not techie):

From the makers of our our development system:

Microsoft refactored their core app runtimes in 2015. They have made what they call a "Universal C Runtime" which has been distributed via Windows Update to all supported versions of Windows that stay up-to-date (which is the default behavior for Windows Update).
Starting with 2016r1, the Windows framework has been updated to use the latest Microsoft tools. This allows us to stay up to date and allow the Windows support to be improved in future releases. This means that the development system now uses the new Univeral Runtime and your built apps now require it.

As the Universal Runtime is distributed automatically via Windows Update and included with Windows 10, Microsoft considers it part of Windows. Because of this we does not include the Universal Runtime DLLs when building Windows apps since most users will not need another copy.

The Solution:

If your users do not have the Universal Runtime, your apps will not run on their systems. The best solution is to make sure the user is up-to-date with Windows Updates.  IF you have not been running all the updates, especially on older Windows 7 and Windows 8 machines, then your Windows does not have the files you need that Microsoft says should be there.

If it is not feasible to run the windows updates, then you can also manually supply the Windows Universal Runtime by installing the file:

Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 Redistributable

What version of Windows are you on?  Be sure to email us if you have this problem.

We might change our installers to include this file to avoid these types of issues...
but meanwhile install the missing file from this Microsoft page:


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