Windows Defender Blocking App/ File chain is Read only

First we had to try to figure out WHAT program is sandboxing the app. 

  • Since it could not write to the hard drive, that was the #1 symptom of anti-virus blocking it.
  • We determined his only AV software was Windows Defender.

So second I googled how to turn OFF Windows Defender to test whether that was what was blocking it. 

Third, we turned off Windows Defender and without even having to restart the program could now write to the hard drive.  This CONFIRMED that Windows Defender was the problem.

Fourth, he wanted Windows Defender on protecting his computer so

  • I theorized that maybe the version of RetirementView he had installed was not "signed" with our security certificate.  So I had him download 2019.2, which I KNEW had been signed.
  • That version 2019.2 with our security cert worked fine and WAS NOT BLOCKED.

I had him restart his computer to double check that this fix was still in place after restart and it still worked!

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