Mac version - Scroll bar on the spreadsheet


When I'm in the spreadsheet tab, I can’t see the grey box that lets me scroll left and right while on spreadsheet. Any solutions?


  1. The scrollbar just isn’t visible until you move the spreadsheet right or left on your mouse or trackpad. Other applications on Mac are the same.  If you’re using a trackpad on a laptop, put your cursor on the spreadsheet and move right/left with 2 fingers (or mine is set for 2 fingers tracking). I use a Magic Mouse… same thing. Put the cursor on the spreadsheet then scroll right or left with your finger (mine is set to one finger on the mouse). The scrollbar shows up when you do that, but you don’t really need it. You just slide your mouse.  Without the Magic Mouse, I would guess you click and hold while you slide the mouse right/left.  It’s not an error, it’s just a Mac thing.
  2. We have had one thing with Catalina where this was the solution:  Go to your System Preferences > General
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