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To "upgrade" to the new version, download and install from one of these pages: Windows or the Mac version. This will NOT affect your activation or delete any data.   HOPE YOU ENJOY THE NEW LIABILITIES and NET WORTH REPORT THAT WE ADDED!

2020.3d List of Updates

  • ALL: Added a TOTALS row at bottom of Spreadsheet that totals certain columns. For example, totalling the tax estimate column gives you a total of all estimated taxes paid.
  • ALL: Added Totals to the Print Detailed Report printout.

2020.3b and c List of Updates

  • ALL: Fix for EndException being treated as a crash.
  • ALL: Added support message when the user quits while waiting for a file to open.
  • ALL: Fix for a crash when no valid age has been entered.
  • ALL: Fix for a possible hang when an upgrade message is displayed.
  • ALL: Fix for a possible crash when closing an upgrade message.
  • ALL: Now includes data reader line in printed report graphs again.
  • ALL: The "Add New Row" button on secondary screens adds the row to top of the list if no selection active.

2020.3 List of Updates

  • ALL: Added new Liabilities button and screen to conform to the Secure Act.
  • ALL: Changed Investments to let you set whether to use investment for "Retirement" or as an "Asset" just for Net Worth calculation
  • ALL: Added Net Worth page and Liabilities page to the Detailed Report print out.
  • ALL: Added column to Investments to select between a Retirement investment and an Asset just for Net Worth purposes.
  • ALL: Added fix for crash caused by locked Read-only files.
  • ALL: Added fix for popup webview closing and openign in browser when not needed.
  • ALL: The "Add New Row" button on secondary screens adds the row to top of the list if no selection active.
  • PRO: Fixed buttons not drawing properly on the Client Notes window.
  • ALL: Added some additional exception handling related to new database columns.

2020.2 List of Important Changes

  • ALL: Added CARES Act update to skip RMD for 2020.
  • ALL: Added preferences/settings window to allow setting/resetting the default Open/Save location. Now offers to change default Open/Save location when a new location has been navigated to, ie. for cloud storage services like iCloud, Dropbox, OneDrive, etc and for Shared Network Drives.
  • ALL: Added fix for issue with Non-Qualified growth not being capped properly by the Max Withdrawal % if the growth exceeded it. (Thanks Aaron Hersch).
  • ALL: Fix for graphs occasionally not printing correctly.
  • ALL: Fix for issues with "Missing plan.ini file" error.
  • ALL: Fix for column names in Shortfall Tool.
  • ALL: Greatly improved error reporting detail.
  • Windows: Fix for contextual help system not navigating to the proper help topic.

2020.1 List of Updates

  • ALL: Added new "Metal" theme for an updated look.  You can still go back to the "Classic" theme under the View menu.
  • ALL: Added Secure Act updates to RMD calculations.  If you turned 70.5 in 2019 or earlier, it uses the old calculations.  If you are younger than that, then it uses the new Secure Act rules including new Required Beginning Date for the year you turn age 72.
  • ALL: Added 2020 updates to the Social Security estimate algorithm.
  • ALL: Using negative returns for Investments should now work.
  • ALL: Default descriptions no longer added unless a new client is created or all rows cleared.
  • ALL: Now allows deleting multiple rows in secondary screens
  • ALL: Added internet messaging so that we can send you messages or web pages in a pop-up.
  • ALL: Improvements to Tab rendering.
  • ALL: New Buttons And Icons that scale better on high resolution displays.
  • ALL: Fullscreen setting now more reliable between launches.
  • ALL: Secondary windows now open in the same state as the main window.
  • ALL: Fixed bug editing first row of Investments.

2020.1b List of Updates

  • ALL: Fixed issue on Investments, Infusions and Expenses where in some cases if you tried to delete a row it would delete the row above.
  • ALL: Fixed issue with buttons not rendering properly on hdpi devices.
  • ALL: Fix for issue on Investmennts where if investment return < .5 caused them to be ignored and no recalc would occur (Thanks Bill Lacombe).
  • ALL: Changed to allow 2 digit decimal percentage values for returns on main screen.

2020.1c List of Updates

  • ALL: Added automatic error submission to the Torrid server with more info if the app has a problem.
  • ALL: Improved some icon rendering.
  • MAC: Fixes for Catalina and copying missing ini files from installer location, and consolidated code for consistency.
  • ALL: Added exception for failure to open data file (that should never happen if the file exists).

2020.1d List of Updates

  • ALL: Fixed issue with SQL connections reporting errors when opening the software for first time in demo mode.
  • ALL: Email validation code changed to allow 2 characters before the @ sign as well as domains other than .com (thanks Harry North).
  • ALL: Graph now scales better if there are large cash infusions prior to retirement.
  • ALL: Fixed problem with effective tax rate calc not triggering if the effective rate was 0% (thanks Tom Hines).

2020.1e List of Updates

  • ALL: Fixed issue with calcTaxRates causing a crash on some files.
  • ALL: Fixed issue with connection to Plan.ini not closing which caused difficulty connecting to Plan.ini on subsequent opens of the software.
  • ALL: Fixed issue where if you were in certain text boxes (Spouse Current Age or State Tax Rate) and clicked Close File the app would crash.   
  • ALL: Added additional code changes to deal with LostFocus events on close that were causing an error.
  • Windows: Fixed problems with installers overwriting the Plan.ini file in some cases which was deleting any Custom Views that were created.

2020.1f List of Updates

  • ALL: Cash Infusions screen now allows negative returns to be entered.
  • ALL: Fixed Custom Views crash when spouse columns used in non-spouse document.
  • ALL: Moved more error handling to use new error reporting system.
  • ALL: CustomMsgBox replaced with built-in MessageDialog class.   
  • ALL: Age and retirementAge now limit to 3 digits. (due to errors when age>retirement age but age>99) .
  • ALL: Added error numbers to for better error tracking.
  • ALL: Now saves and restores main window width/height when not maximized .
  • ALL: No longer forcing focus back to birth year in user info form to avoid endless loops of warning dialogs.
  • ALL: Now provides the user advice when unable to open defaults file.
  • ALL: Added more informative error info (and instructions) when RV has an error opening a file, especially on Catalina.
  • ALL: ageTextField now allows values>99.

2020.1g List of Important Changes

  • ALL: Fixed problem with Tax Type on Cash Infusions screen not loading properly and not being saved.
  • ALL: Fixed issue with header titles on the table on the Added Savings Solver tool on the Tools menu.

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