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To "upgrade" to the new version, download and install from one of these pages: Windows or the Mac version. This will NOT affect your activation or delete any data.   HOPE YOU ENJOY THE NEW FEATURES THAT WE HAVE ADDED!

2021.4 List of Updates

  • ALL - Changed calculations and code related to doing a Roth Conversion so that it makes real world sense (thanks Gene Mahn and Phil Capriotti)
  • ALL - Changed code for Special Expenses so that "Tax Deferred Only" setting will honor the "Max Withdrawal Cap" on the Non-Qualified funds.
  • ALL - Changed code for Special Expenses so that "Any Available" setting will indeed dip into Tax Deferred if Taxable and Tax-Free are depleted.
  • ALL - Fixed print error for column totals on the mini Spreadsheet not looking at the End Illustration Age setting.
  • ALL - Improved Backup file and Temp file creation routines to avoid infinite looping and report errors properly.
  • ALL - Added code to check permissions for read/write when creating New files as well as Diagnostics related to debugging hard drive issues.
  • ALL - Changed error window and auto-update popup colors to match branding better.
  • ALL - Added code to prevent opening files that are not .rp8 data files including PDF files.
  • ALL - Fixed issue with piDogScrollingCanvas bug in DataView object.

2021.3 List of Updates

  • ALL - Fixed issue with rowheights that cropped up from allowing multi-line descriptions.
  • ALL - Fixed issue on Assets & Investments where totals and aggregate returns to the right were not updating properly.
  • ALL - Changed Any Available Special Expenses to be paid from Taxable, Tax Free, Non- Qualified then Qualified. Previously, if only Tax Deferred was left it would not pay from those buckets. We previously did not code Any Available to even go into Tax Deferred but the name itself means the amounts should be paid from any investments available so we have changed this.
  • ALL - Changed Tax Deferred Only Special Expenses to account for the Max Withdrawal Limit on Non-Qualified funds. This was an unintentional bug.
  • ALL - Changed Tax Deferred Only Special Expenses to account for the 10\% Early Withdrawal Penalty if the owner was under age 59 1/2. This was an unintentional bug.
  • ALL - Fixed Assets & Investments to use correct format for contributions when changing tax type.
  • ALL - When switching between dollar amount and percentage of income, contributions now convert based on owner's income.
  • Pro - Edit user info now stays in front of main window on Windows 10.
  • ALL - Fixed failure to quit issue when certain windows or dialogs are still open.
  • ALL - Fixed checkboxes not being enabled by default on secondary screens.
  • ALL - Added scroll arrows to all grid views.

2021.2 List of Updates

  • Fixed autoupdate issue that failed to open installer on Windows.
  • Added gif to demonstrate how to allow RV permission to access files [macOS].
  • Fix for broken tax settings where YES had CRLF after.
  • Added update email menu.
  • Fixed webcalcs menu.
  • Fixed formatting for non-US decimal formats.
  • Fixed formats for printing to include negative values.
  • Updated error message text popup.
  • Fixed typo on default save location window.
  • Descriptions in assets, infusions, expenses, liabilities in editing forms now allows for multiple line descriptions.
  • Printed report now allows multiple lines for descriptions in assets, infusions, expenses, liabilities.
  • Eliminated topmostwindowmbs calls.
  • Fixed WebCalcs menu not showing up.
  • Now looks for factfinder in LIB.
  • Age now defaults to 55.

2021.1 List of Updates

  • ALL: Fixed Out of Bounds error crashing program in 2021.
  • ALL: Updated to 2021 version.
  • ALL: Updated Social Security calculations to 2021 COLA, Bendpoints, National Average Earnings, AWI, etc.
  • ALL: Fixed issue with using negative growth values on Special Expenses.
  • ALL: Fixed issue with Copy & Paste on all secondary grids - Investments, Cash Infusions, Special Expenses, and Liabilities.
  • ALL: Added auto-update engine that will detect new version and offer to download installer for you. FINALLY!

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