Mac - How to Recover Data from Backups

The installer or updater on the Mac does not touch the data file.  On very rare occasions we have had people say they "lost their data".  If you do need to recover your data, here are the steps:

1). Exit out of the software if it is running.

2). Open a Finder window. To do that, click your desktop on an empty space, then hit Command - F.  This should open a Finder window.

3). Go to this location where it is your username that you will see.  Do go into Documents and continue drilling down until you are in the Retirement Savings Planner folder.  (This is not called RetirementView because security on both Mac and Windows makes it hard to rename existing folders so we left it alone)


4). If you see a defaults.rp8 file and you say your data is missing then rename it something else like "defaults bad.rp8".  Or even just move it to trash.

5). Go into the Backups folder.


6). Sort the files by most recent date.  Find a file you think may have your data and COPY that file.

7). Go back up one level out of the Backups folder.  PASTE the file.  Rename the file to just defaults.rp8

(Very important to rename it only defaults.rp8 or program will not read it in).

8). Now start up the RetirementView software from Applications.  If your data is there, then you are good to go.

9). If your data is still missing, then go back to step 5 and find an older file to try.  Repeat Steps 5 through 8.

If you still have any trouble, email with specific details and if possible screenshots of what is not working for you.

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