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Torrid Support 1 March 12, 2010 Tips & Tricks

Not quite sure where to start?  Here are some tips and help to get started.

Decide on which Software is Right for you
If you are a financial advisor, insurance agent or other professional creating plans for others, then you need the Professional Edition.  For a one person plan get the Personal Edition.  If you are married, get the Couples Edition.

Download and Install the software
You can download the demo at any time from our website. Go to the downloads page:



Check out the Tutorial Videos: 
These will help you get going the FASTEST.  Watch these videos.  Go here and select Consumer or Professional.



Get your Bearings on the Main Screen:

Start by entering data on bottom left of the screen.  (If Pro version, start by creating a new client file first).

Hit Tab or ENTER to move to next field after changing a value.  The "plan" will update automagically when you do that.

Right side top buttons let you switch "views" between the Savings graph, Income graph and Spreadsheet.  If you aren't a numbers person, stay away from the Spreadsheet, it will scare you away.  It's there mainly for those that really like to scrutinize "the numbers".

Buttons on the right for Investments, Cash Infusions, Special Expenses let you get more detailed after you have entered main info at bottom of main screen.

Suzie Smothers October 29, 2015 1 RetirementView - General Questions

This is one of our most frequently asked questions. The problem is it comes in a bunch of different scenarios making it hard to store in an effective search.

Anytime you have a cash shortfall where you should have plenty, check this as a possible cause:

Do you have a Non-Qualified Tax Deferred Investment entered on the front page tab?

If so, check the "Max Withdrawal %".

It is preset at 10%.

If there is not need for a max withdrawal (penalty time is past, etc) , change to 100 and then it will delete as needed rather than cap it at 10% withdrawals.

Torrid Tech Support 2 October 28, 2012 RetirementView - General Questions

Hi. The question is when we
calculate a persons annual Retirement Income Goal, the sheet we provide lists
income taxes as part of their expenses. So when the report is generated,
the pension and Security show the net amount after taxes. This would
appear to count the taxes twice as they have been included in the annual income
figure. So when calculating the annual Retirement Income goal would it be
better to not factor in income taxes into it? The other way to calculate it
would be to include the taxes in the Retirement Income figure and show no state
or federal taxes in the software.

Thank you,



If you enter a retirement income goal AND tax rates on
Other Assumptions,
then the income goal is "after taxes"... and program
will look at the taxability of different sources of income and take into account
taxes in different ways as needed.

If you want to calculate the clients taxes on your own
because you have their returns or something,
yes you can enter them on Special Expenses... which
would get added to the Retirement Income Goal amount.
So if you want to calculate their taxes on your own,
then yes enter 0% for tax rates.

If you
ever need to disable the taxes pulled from pension and social security, that is
a setting on the Settings menu under "taxes".


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